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  1. VAT 21% included, subject to legislative modifications.
  2. Mallorca Sailing will make invoice directly to the agency and will not accept any compensation invoices on commissions.
  3. Catamaran transport prices for your exclusive use, including the required crew.
  4. The food and beverage services are EXCLUSIVE to Mallorca Sailing Catamarans S.L. No external recruitment is permitted


MORNINGS : de 10:00 a 15:00
AFTERNOONS : de 16:00 a 21:00

from 1 to 30 april and from 14 october to 1 november

1-70 pax: 1.875 €

71-145 pax: 2.625 €

from 1 to 31 may and from 1 october to 13 october

1-70 pax: 2.500 €

71-145 pax: 3.125 €

from 1 to 30 june and from 16 to 30 september

1-70 pax: 3.375 €

71-145 pax: 3.950 €

from 1 july to 30 august and from 1 to 15 september

1-70 pax: 2.380 €

1-145 pax: 5.000 €


In order to confirm your reservation, 50% of the total invoice corresponding to the transport has to be paid at the same moment. The remaining 50% has to be paid 15 days before departure.

Catering services has to be paid in full 15 days before the departure.

In case of cancellation of the departure by unfavourable weather causes, and being the captain of the ship who decides, Mallorca Sailing Catamarans S.L will return the total amount of the invoice relating to transport. Not the food service contract, which can be served in another alternative establishment provided by the customer.


In the event of cancellation by the customer, the cancellation fees are as follows:
Cancellation notice within 60 days and 15 days: 50% of the amount of the catamaran rental.
Cancellation with prior notice the 2 previous weeks: 100% of the amount of the catamaran rental.
Catering services, if they are cancelled 15 days in advance, they will not cause any inconvenience. So, full invoice is therefore void. Cancellations 4 days in advance would mean the loss of the amount paid in respect of catering.