A varied healthy and light menu, based on salads and small bites of fusion cuisine, with international and exotic flavors, suitable for all palates.

* Dates with bacon (pork, nuts)

* Albóndigas de ternera con salsa Thai (ternera, lactosa)

* Chicken salad with mango and ginger

* Sautéed fresh vegetables (zucchini, carrot, cherry tomato...) (vegetarian)

* Black pork roast with mushroom sauce (pork, mushrooms)

* Rosemary poatoes

* Trampó salad (vegetarian)

* Sea food salad (fish, sea food)

* Vegetarian spring rolls (vegetarian)

* Vegetable curry samosas (vegetarian)

* Mixed salad with orange (lactose)

* Bread (gluten)

* Fruit salad with vanilla ice cream (vegetarian)

Price per PERSON Vat included.